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Creama Consorcio Marina Alta Proyecto Turismo

Creama Consorcio Marina Alta Proyecto Turismo



CREAMA is an entity that stimulates the economic and social activity of La Marina Alta, that is, it works for you. Some of its duties are: 

  • To advise people who want to set up a new business or company.
  • To look for financing methods to invest through public or private aids.
  • To manage European resources to promote new job posts and attend to all groups in need.
  • To provide training to encourage social and labour insertion.
  • To offer LABORA services such as AutoServef, so that citizens can manage their own employment demand.
  • To encourage the creation of new sources of employment to provide more people with opportunities.
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History of the Entity

CREAMA is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1994 with the clear purpose of promoting the economic and social activity of La Marina Alta region. It was born from the will of cooperation of three regional town councils - Benissa, Dénia and Pego. Together with the SEPE and the Diputación de Alicante, they decided to promote an independent entity -under the legal form of a "Consortium"- promoting local development activities in the region.

Later, and in parallel to the transfer process, the Generalitat Valenciana formally joined the Consortium, through its employment agency (LABORA), with the aim of providing explicit support to its activities and participating in its policies design.

The Town Councils of Calp, Gata de Gorgos, Xàbia, Pedreguer, Teulada-Moraira, are progressively bound to this consortium. Together with the Town Councils of Dénia, Benissa and Pego promote activities that generate employment and social cohesion from their Local Development Agencies under the corporate image of CREAMA.

The regional vision is undoubtedly the key element that gives weight to our organisation. Wider than the purely local element is the territorial factor, which is very interesting given the dimensions of our municipalities, as it allows us to have a much broader and more compelling perspective of the problems and their solutions.

The different members from CREAMA appoint their representatives to the CREAMA General Meeting, which is the highest governing body of the consortium. This is chaired in this legislature by Sebastián Cañadas Gallardo, Deputy of Economic Development and Productive Sectors of the Provincial Council of Alicante.

Creama Consorcio Marina Alta Proyecto Turismo

Mission, Vision and Values


CREAMA is a public consortium bringing together eight Town Councils in La Marina Alta, whose aim is to promote the regional Local Development. For this, it is supported by other autonomic and provintial institutions.

Our services are aimed at those people who are looking for social and labour insertion, want to improve their training or need advice for the establishment and modernisation of their company. We act with the clear purpose of contributing to the economic and social development of our region and we try to meet the criteria of sustainability in all our actions.


CREAMA is a well-known and respected institution in its closest local environment but it is also a reference in other territorial areas for the Public Administrations, with which it collaborates and shares objectives.

CREAMA intends to be the representative regional institution. It wants to be recognised for its prestige and social implantation, territorial knowledge and capacities in the fields in which it intervenes: training, socio-labour insertion and business promotion. It also seeks to be the innovative reference that constitutes the lever to contribute to lead the qualitative change of the socio-economic fabric in our territory, and gradually expand our presence in the region.


  • Quality. Based on the current labour tendencies, we offer orientation and quality training to those who need it.
  • Commitment. We seek the commitment of the whole organisation to the activities that we undertake to make them as effective as possible.
  • Flexibility. We adapt ourselves to the necessities of both our users and the region.
  • Involvement. The organisation's team is highly involved in achieving the objectives set by the management and the various grant-giving bodies for the different areas.
  • Innovation. We try our projects and iniciatives to be innovative and positively impact on the business and social body of the region.
  • NICTs Boosting. CREAMA promotes the use of New Information and Communication Technologies and applies in its organisation management criteria based on technological advances and the recognition of the human factor as an indisputable value to promote social progress.
  • Continuous Improvement. CREAMA is an organisation that believes in continuous improvement, and that is why we are committed to the constant training of all the organisation’s staff.
  • Team. CREAMA has a team of skilled people with proven experience to respond to the requirements that constantly arise.
  • Iniciative. We are a regional entity with a proactive attitude towards the employment, business, training and project management consulting aimed at boosting the growth of our territory.

Current Strategic Lines of the Company

The strategic lines which have been orienting the path of our organisation are the following:

  • To train the human resources.
  • To know the needs of the labour market and training.
  • To offer information and professional orientation for the jobs creation and maintenance.
  • To carry out community work and socio-occupational integration of people with special difficulties.
  • To set up new companies.
  • To boost the existing economic activities.
  • To recover agricultural and craft activities.
  • To promote and enhance the fishing and marine activities.
  • To create its own industrial and technological base in areas of the future.
  • To implement European programmes that promote cooperation between the different member countries, aimed at building a Europe of and for citizens.
  • Use and disseminate new information and communication technologies.

Creama Consorcio Marina Alta Proyecto Turismo

Creama Consorcio Marina Alta Proyecto Turismo

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